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Short Thought on Reviews

So I’ve kinda noticed I’ve not really paid any attention to any reviews for a long time. I might go back to EG’s reviews, I stopped visiting a while ago to the whole site but I remember the reviews been okay.

But by n large I’ve not really read many reviews for the last year or so. Magazines are out the window as I’ve not bought a gaming mag for probably over 3 years now. Pretty much for any gaming reviews I’ve wanted in the past year I’ve hunted down someone I know who has the game n asked them about it. Without them been paid for it I can kinda trust them to give an honest opinion, and it’s a live ‘review’ so I can ask and get a response on certain aspects of a game. Destructoid have managed to make the whole review process a parody, Kotaku trashed their okay scoreless review system recently. Gametrailers are hit n miss, though the video review style I like (one day PXOD, one day). I don’t much care for discussing how review scores have all kinda gone a bit tits up lately (though I guess if you hit the metacritic options maybe you still agree with them)

Who do you read or take advice from? I just kinda want to know what other people are like (and post a poll)

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My Thoughts on the VG Supreme Court Case

So today marks the start of  The State of California vs. The Entertainment Merchants Association and Entertainment Software Association case at Supreme Court. Essentially it looks to see if the sale of violent video games to minors should be regulated.

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