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Game Completionist Week 2

So to continue on from Half Life 2 I’ve nabbed my housemates 360 (as I mentioned in my last post) and raided the house for a ton of PS3 and 360 games. I’m just gonna blast through a ton of games, get them complete and out the way. However for the most part I’m avoiding RPGs, take far too long. But I will work on them after I’ve done this pile of games.

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My God The 360 Is A Crappy Console

broken_xbox So I ended up staying up late, got really bored and as I’ve mostly being playing my PC games for a while, specifically multiplayer focused one, I’ve ended up nicking my housemates 360 Elite. What is written beyond this point is going to hurt your sensibilities if you have stocks in MSFT. Or at least act like you do. So beware all who enter.

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Why The Human Race Won’t Leave the Solar System

AlphaCentauri Space. The final frontier. One the human race will most likely never voyage into.

Just been discussing the topic with Tom, my housemate, and thought I’d put my thoughts to paper on the almost insurmountable challenges we have facing us if the human race ever feels taken by a whim to expand an empire into the stars.

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